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Game And Level Designer/Developer

  My name is Saddam . I'm a creative professional with more than 3 years of industry experience in Game Design, Level Design and Scripting in Unity. What makes me passionate about games is the combination of technology  and creativity, and how multiple disciplines come together to create an interactive experience. Whether I'm designing for puzzle games, 2D platformers or 3D environments, 

About Me

Earlier Life


  Twenty-three years ago I saw the first light of day. In my early days I spent a good deal amount of time being creative, drawing and glueing all over the place. Over the years I developed a questionably healthy interest and curiosity towards computers, with video games in particular. I was always wondering how they were made, and spent more time in level editors than playing the actual games. That curiosity turned me into what I am today, a creative professional yet still eager to learn more tricks of the trade.  



  In 2019 I received my bachelor's degree in computer science at the UMT University of Management And Technology. That was just the start as I had to keep improving myself as the industry moved forward. A very welcome challenge! Before graduating I worked for six month as (intern) Level Designer at Gamy Interactive. In between 2017-2019 I Promote as Game designer and developer.

Currently I'm serving at OZI Technologies as Software Engineer

My Passions


  it all falls within my love and passion for our medium. Since designing new experiences requires a good understanding of what the market is looking for, I make a conscious attempt to play and experience as wide a spectrum of different games as possible. Creativity does not come from idleness, rather it must be nurtured and built through a wide set of life experiences. As a creative, I am passionate about bringing the worlds I imagine to life.   

My Work

Killer Zombie Hunter


 Killer Zombie Hunter is one of the best free zombie shooting games ever! Survive in a post apocalypse wasteland killing zombies and stopping the dead rising in the last day of the world.  

Cover Fire Strike


  In this Cover Commando Shooter game you are equipped with modern cover shoot guns. You must take cover to keep yourself safe and keep an eye on terrorist through aim, if you lose your concentration Enemies take advantage and shoot you due to which you can't Survive and mission will be failed.  

Police RunAway Prisoner Chase


  Arrest all jail escaped prisoners and now involved in criminal activities in this police chase simulator. Now it's up to you, how secretly you chase run away prisoners and quickly capture them back to jail lockup. 

OffRoad Transit Bus Simulator


 This off road Bus games simulator takes you to a whole new level of epic fun and crazy adventure.Fulfill your dreams with adventurous hill climb bus driving game and demonstrate your driving skills within hilly areas and off road tracks.  

Cowboy Gang War Fight


  Howdy cowboy! Saddle up and go horse riding for a showdown in wild west frontier. Face your enemies, outlaw bandits and wicked gunslingers in cowboy shooting game.A real cowboy don’t need a sidekick partner to shoot the gangsters. Seek redemption instead of committing crimes.  

Vertical Car Parking Anti-Gravity Driving


  This is a parking game like you’ve never seen before! Learn how to navigate on a realistic building vertical parking environment where you have to park the car vertically on the building wall  

Color Bump Valley Twister


 Pass through beautiful glowing color segment to change and enter a different phase with changed color. 

 The Only rule is to steer your player such that to avoid hitting opposite color and the boundary walls at all cost. 

Star Pool Ball Blast Mania


 Aim & Reflect the ball around obstacles to collect all star pick-ups. Each level offers a different pool with its own unique fun shape, and challenges. Perform cool energized power-ups to move the ball through obstacles faster and more effectively. Avoid or pierce through the obstacles if you have to to reach and collect all stars to clear the level. 

Jungle Stampede Adventure


 Switch Your Rides as you ride your way out of the stampede in this crazy jungle. Leave an animal and jump over another to cover your distance fast. Ride an Animal for long enough to make him love you. Each animal has a stamina to ride you. Switch your rides before any animal throws you down from his back.  

Rolling Wheelie


 Roll your Wheelie on amazing tracks, avoid falling off the edge as you pass and jump over dangerous, tricky tracks. Its time to prove your controlling skills and take your jumping wheelie home safely for each exciting and unique level.  

Rise Up Color Ladder Smasher


 Take an upward colorful journey through Color Ladder, move in harmony with sound and music and smash everything that is alike to your Color and avoid any other color, This experience requires focus, and concentration, but also break the beautiful color glass bricks that stand in your way. 



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